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The Rude Awakening

At its heart a British Electronic music project, THE RUDE AWAKENING (T/R/A) - led by musician , promoter and radio presenter Johnny Normal- expands on the substratum that Synth and Post-punk pioneers Gary Numan, PiL, Soft Cell and OMD began building circa 1981.

THE RUDE AWAKENING is a vehicle for Normal to create songs that explore emotions, relationships, taboos fantasies and fears and to challenge common perceptions and convention, presenting  such subjects in an entertaining and enjoyable aural package.


"Let Nothing Take Your Pride" is a searing, anthemic debut track about defiance, resilience, fighting your corner and never backing down.  This is an extremely intimate sentiment for Normal, who spent the majority of 2014 in a coma, ferried between four hospitals, battling for his life.  But the message is much more than personal: it is a call to arms for anyone, anywhere, who has taken a beating and bounced back up to give fate the middle finger.


Supplying six eclectic versions of the song, the Let Nothing Take Your Pride maxi single includes Normal's Motionsonic Mix as well as remixes by the Isle of Wight's Mr Strange, Nottingham's Blott, Leeds-based Illustrial, Hereford's industrial innovators Nature of Wires and French electro producers X-Mouth Syndrome (XMS).  The distinctive female backing vocal on various mixes is provided by Normal's long-time friend and collaborator Brooke Calder (A*O*A, POP INC, Lolly Pop). 


"Let Nothing Take Your Pride" EP track listing:


1- The Mister Strange Remix

2- The Motionsonic Radio Mix

3- The Blott (Live Each Day) Remix

4- The XMS Remix

5- The Nature of Wires Remix

6- The Illustrial 'Night Version'


Available from all digital download sites.




Pink Dolphin Music Ltd are very proud and excited to bring you the brand new EP release by The Rude Awakening featuring Bridget Gray. It is tantalisingly and naughtily titled 'Your Wetness Is My Weakness' and it is full of SynthPop goodness and Dance vibes. The EP features the original mix along with 6 other remixes from Mr Strange, Parralox and more.

The second release by Johnny Normal’s exciting project The Rude Awakening, following in the footsteps of “Let Nothing Take Your Pride” (which made the list of The Electricity Club’s top music releases of 2017), this is a brave song that openly explores modern multi-faceted relationships, touching on love, trust, sensuality, lust and personal boundaries.


“Your Wetness is My Weakness” is a 21st Century love song about urban lovers re-evaluating their relationship and re-acquainting themselves through roleplay and fantasy. Maybe a lesson to us all not to accept the mundane and to look deeper within to release inner emotions.


For this extended play release package, featuring remixes by Parralox, Illustrial, Mr Strange and X-Mouth Syndrome, Johnny teamed up with friend and fellow musician Bridget Gray (Destination) to provide additional vocals throughout the different versions. Johnny said “The song explores the many contradictions of deeper, darker desire and the pushing of physical and mental boundaries within a loving relationship and for me Bridget’s beautifully pure voice and angelic harmonies reflect the wonderful contradictions involved.”


Johnny is delighted to be working with some fabulous modern remixers and producers for this new E.P. as well as teaming up with Rich James and Pink Dolphin Music for the marketing, release and distribution.

1-    Original Mix (prod. by Johnny Normal & Mr Strange)

2-    Parralox Roleplay Remix (prog. Jon Von Ahlen, engineer               Juan del Toro)

3-    XMS Radio Remix (prod. By Dragan Vujcic)

4-    Mr Strange Sleaze Remix (prod. By Mr Strange)

5-    Illustrial ASMR Remix (prod. By Illustrial)

6-    XMS Neon Shepherd Remix (prod. By Dragan Vujcic)

7-    XMS Endurance Remix (prod. By Dragan Vujcic

'Your Wetness Is My Weakness' is released on all digital streaming platforms and digital download stores worldwide on 29th June, 2018.




Listen to Johnny & Bridget chatting about the song HERE

You can listen to and purchase the E.P. HERE


You can listen to and purchase the EP here



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You can listen to and purchase the EP here


You can listen to and buy the EP here




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The Rude Awakening join forces with dark synth duo

Dice People for a sultry remix of the album title track 'Kaleidoscope'... A sexy, provocative combination of indie electronic minds.

Released by Pink Dolphin Music, this is definitely worth a listen... 

'Marble House' is the new collaboration between Lord and Master and The Rude Awakening. A stunning and sensual cover of an intriguing song by The Knife, released with a handful of exciting and innovative remixes  by fellow synth artists including Mr Strange, Subject:2 and more.

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